Whilst a leaking roof is a clear indication that your roof needs repair or replacement, there ways of Identifying roof issues before it gets to this point. Even the best flashlight is far cheaper than replacing your roof, so it’s important to regularly inspect for roof leaks and weak spots. Here’s our list of top tips to help you identify the signals for roof repair or complete replacement. 

Top Roof Inspection Tips

Leaks/Water Damage: Obviously, if you actually experience a leak or other obvious signs of water damage, then it’s definitely time to call in a roof leak repair company to avoid any further damage. Water causes costly damage to the foundation of your home and your possessions, and its important to patch any leaks as soon as possible.

Light From Outside: This is possibly the easiest problem to discover, even without a flashlight. Any light shining into your roof space through your roof from outside is a problem that should be addressed immediately. If light is getting through, moisture is too and heavy rainfall could make the problem a whole lot worse and more expensive.

Sagging: A sagging area will be one of the easier ways to tell if you need a new roof, as sagging is a definite indication of structural issues. It shows that something has given way, due to external pressure or from moisture damage to the wood that makes up your roof.

Moisture Problems: Mould and other moisture related problems could wreak just as much damage outside as in. A bad shingle can allow moisture to sit instead of shedding it down the roof. Keep in mind that water will flow down, so you may have to track the problem higher up. Mould growth can also cause respiratory problems, headaches and other health issues.

Shingle Granules: As your shingles age they will shed more and more granules. If they are getting too old, you will likely find excessive amounts of granules in your gutters. This is a sure fire way to tell if you need a new roof sooner rather than later — another reason to regularly clean and check your guttering.

Drainage: Your gutters and downspouts are an important component of your home and should be cleaned a few times a year, particularly following a storm and inspected by a Gold Coast roofing contractor. Check to make sure they are securely attached and that water is flowing where it should be. Blockages can also cause costly flooding.

Roof Leak Repairs Gold Coast

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