Choosing a metal roof to protect you home and family is a great decision. Your new metal roof will look great and it will provide you with benefits for years to come. The only other thing to think about now is installation.

While you can purchase all the roof supplies yourself, you’ll have less control over the installation process. A poorly installed roof can have a range of negative effects that impact both your home and your wallet. So, how do you know that you’ve found a reputable and efficient roofing contractor?

Here are a few important things that you should look for.

Comfort Asking Questions

A competent and qualified roof installer would welcome any questions. They will want you to feel comfortable asking anything about the process, and will keep you in the loop. This way you aren’t surprised by any extra work or hidden costs in the future.

You can also test their knowledge by asking them what solutions they’d propose to potential problems. Don’t forget to ask for references too, as these are always important.

Experience with a Range of Issues

Roof installations don’t always go according to plan. The complexities of a roof and all the possible issues that could arise mean that your installer has to allow for last minute changes in plans. A good installer will have plenty of experience with many different jobs and will have seen it all. This will make it easier for them to quickly diagnose and fix any problems, explaining the situation to you with ease and honesty as they go.

Aftercare Advice

Once your new metal roof has been installed, expect a good contractor to help you understand the ins and outs. For example, you should be given special instructions on how and where to walk on your roof, should you need to go up there for any reason. They should also give you any instructions or suggestions on maintenance and upkeep. Most metal roofs don’t require any maintenance, but it’s still a good idea to keep up cleaning and regularly inspect for any damage.

Comprehensive Warranties

Generally, you want to be given two warranties. The first is the manufacturer’s warranty, which includes the original documentation that should be sent back to the manufacturer. The second warranty is the workmanship warranty, which includes whatever documents are necessary to ensure that your metal roof has been installed properly. This includes contact information so that you always have someone to get in touch with.

Release Forms

If your installer intends to use photos of your home for future advertising, they should have written permission from you. Similarly, if they want to include your home as a referral for future clients, they must get a referral form signed by you.

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