Roofing problems can turn out to be a nightmare or if you are lucky, just a mild headache. It’s best to nip small problems in the bud before they get worse. No one likes to call in tradesmen to do roof repairs as it can be disruptive, stressful, and cost money, but when it comes to your roof, you can’t afford to dither around or put it off. We ensure your roof repairs are completed efficiently everytime!


Don’t Leave Repairs Till Last Minute

Your roof is your overhead protection, it shields you and your family from the elements, both sun and rain. Your roof also anchors your house. Some small problems can, if ignored, compromise the whole integrity of your home. Most people don’t realise that they have problems with their roofs until it rains, as most roofs aren’t inspected on a regular basis. 

Here at Ron Nickel Roofing, our busiest time is when it rains, so we would like to point out a few signs showing you need professional roof repairs ASAP!


Unexplained Damp Patches

Unexplained damp patches on your walls or floors is usually a sign that you need roof repairs for leaks. Of course, it could be a plumbing problem like a leaky pipe or tank, but that’s a toss-up. The source has to be investigated, especially during the rainy season.


Sagging Ceiling

A sagging ceiling is usually a dead giveaway. This can be the result of rotting struts or rafters in your attic. Rotting rafters tend to sag and make your ceiling bow. Rotting struts in your attic won’t sustain the weight on them and that puts pressure or strain on others, which can lead to bowing effect. Roof repairs are definitely in order!

Ceiling Stains

A similar problem is stains on the ceiling. If you see these you can bet your boots it’s a precursor to a sagging ceiling. Water is getting into your attic somehow. Get ready for some roof repairs.

Missing Or Loose Pieces

For house owners with traditional style roofing with shingles, tiles, or slates, any of those missing or loose will indicate that you have a roofing problem and need repairs. It may only be one or two missing or out of alignment, but how long have they been that way? When was the last time you looked at your roof? 

Mould Or Mildew

Mould or mildew are obvious signs anyway. You may have just noticed those patches, but the question is: how long have they been there? Both take time to grow, so you may have had a problem for quite a while without being aware of it.


After 45 years in the business of roof repairs and new roofing, we at Ron Nickel Roofing have seen it all. There’s nothing on a roof that we can’t fix. So, if you have any kind of roofing issue, call us now on 07 5524 8240.

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