Part of being a responsible homeowner is taking care of all the areas of your home. It’s easy to put off maintenance until it’s too late, but if you’re smart and keep to a regular cleaning and maintenance routine, you can save yourself a lot of time, money and stress.

Today we’re going to take a look at your gutters and downpipes and tell you the type of maintenance they will need.

How Do I Know If There’s a Problem?

If you don’t tend to your gutters and downpipes, you can face a host of issues, but the main problem is usually overflowing gutters.

When your gutters are overflowing, it means that they are storing a build-up of debris, leaves, dirt and other matter. This blockage means that the gutters can’t do their job of managing the water on the roof. If you allow your gutters to overflow, you may find your ceiling flooded, your roof timbers and building foundation damaged, and your internal walls saturated.

In addition, you might cause damage to the insulation of your home, as well as light fittings and electrical wiring. It seems like such a small thing, but regular maintenance of your gutters can really help prevent serious structural damage.

How Often Should I Check My Roof?

We recommend inspecting and maintaining your roof, gutters and downpipes at least every six months. If you live in a coastal area, such as on the Gold Coast, your gutters and downpipes could be subject to extra damage from the ocean, as well as any harsh storms.  Deterioration of roofs and gutters can suddenly be accelerated by strong winds and storms, so make sure to check your gutters before and after any big storms.

What to Look Out For?

It is always recommended to hire a professional to examine your roof and take care of serious roof repairs. As well as this, you can regularly look at your roof yourself and resolve any minor problems.

If you aren’t experiencing any obvious leaking or blockages, you can use a set of binoculars to view the gutter from the ground. If you have a sturdy ladder, you might want to carry out a more thorough visual inspection of your Gold Coast metal roofing.

Look out for any loose metal sheeting, or clogged/bent/broken gutters and downpipes. Be wary of any signs of corrosion where the sheets join and along the screw lines.

How to Clean Your Gutters

Firstly, make sure you have safety eyewear and strong gloves on. Remove any debris or build-up of leaves from the gutters. You can use a small brush to carefully sweep any debris into a bucket. Once the pathway is clear, use the hose to wash down the gutters and remove any excess matter or sludge. This will also show you if the water is draining freely enough to the downpipes.

Don’t feel like cleaning your own gutters? We don’t blame you. For professional assistance with gutter cleaning or roof repair on the Gold Coast, contact Ron Nickel Roofing for a quote or more information about our gutter cleaning services.

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