Commercial Metal Roofing Tweed Heads

Commercial Metal Roofing Tweed Heads

Metal roofing is not just limited to residential and industrial properties. As a leading commercial metal roofing specialist, Ron Nickel Roofing can install a new metal roof for your commercial property in the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and Tweed Coast region.


Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Metal is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available, making it a smart choice for eco-friendly companies.

Strong and durable, metal roofing also has many benefits which other materials can’t provide. Ron Nickel Roofing understands the importance of quality materials and after 50 years in the industry, we know quality when we see it.

The benefits of metal roofing for commercial properties include, but are not limited to:


1. Heat Reduction

Colorbond steel has 5 layers of protection that have been engineered to withstand the harsh Australian environment. As such, sunlight and heat are reflected off the roof. This ensures less heat is absorbed into your roof, keeping your property cool in summer and helping to enhance productivity and comfort in your office or warehouse.

2. Easy Installation

Metal is a very flexible material that is easy to install. The entire process takes a few hours, leaving you to get back to work. If you have a flat roof, installing the sheet metal is even more efficient, saving you hours or even days of downtime.

3. Adds Colour

Colorbond Steel comes with a range of colours to choose from. If you want to add vibrancy to your roof or you’re interested in commercial branding, Colorbond steel is a must.


Choosing The Right Product

At Ron Nickel Roofing, our commercial metal products are available in both Colorbond Steel and Zincalume. Colorbond steel is a scientifically engineered metal that has been designed to withstand the Australian climate. This means our customers are investing in both a quality product and their future. Ron Nickel products that are available in Colorbond Steel include:

  • All Roof Profiles
  • Monoclad/Trimdeck
  • Corrugated Roofing
  • Metal Sheeting – Colorbond and Zincalume
  • Colorbond Downpipes and Accessories
  • Colorbond Gutters and Accessories
  • Colorbond Fascia and Accessories
  • Colorbond Metal Gutters
  • Flashings (including custom made)
  • Wall cladding and trim

Commercial properties often get neglected when it comes to roofing repairs and maintenance. With the right materials and advice, your roof can last a lifetime, saving you time, money and stress on unnecessary repairs in the future.


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