Metal roofs are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for Australian homeowners due to their durability and longevity. If you are looking for at installing this type of roofing on your house, you will need specialist metal roofing contractors in Tweed Heads, more specifically, the team at Ron Nickel Roofing. Before you make your choice, there are some simple questions that you will need to ask. 


Are you licenced to work in the state?

Tradesmen are required to have specific licences if they wish to work in a particular state, and this includes the Queensland and New South Wales areas. You will have to ask potential contractors if they have obtained the roofing licence required to work here.


What about insurance?

When people are working on your property, it is essential that they have public liability insurance. This will protect both you and them if there are any problems with the roof, or if there is an accident while the work is being done. 


What experience/qualifications do you have?

In order to get a roofing licence, the contractor will have had to have passed examinations and demonstrated that they understand the roofing process. Many contractors start in teams, learning on the job, but have usually graduated to doing their own work by the time they start bidding for jobs. Previous experience is also nice to have, as it demonstrates that they are prepared to do the work, and will have the evidence to show it. Ron Nickel Roofing has been operating since 1964, building up the knowledge and experience necessary to do this type of work above guidelines and expectations of clients. 


What are your references?

You can expect your contractor to provide you with references to demonstrate that they are able to complete work to a satisfactory level. You may be interested to see some of the work performed by Ron Nickel Roofing around the Tweed Gold Coast areas. 


How will you manage the installation?

The fitting of the new roof will be very important, and you may want to know whether the contractor intends to re-roof the project, or replace it entirely. Understand what the team will do while they are working on your home. 


Can I have a quotation?

Whether you are talking to Ron Nickel Roofing or other metal roofing contractors, you should always ask for a quotation before work is agreed. To find out more about our services and prices, contact us today using our online enquiry form, or call 07 5524 8240 now.

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