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 Roof Repairs & Installations

One of the big advantages of metal roofing is that roof repairs are quick, simple, and cheap. Repairing a metal roof is also much less disruptive than repairing other types of roofing. With a metal roof, you simply need to replace and repair individual panels. With other types of roofing, you may actually need to move out of the house while repairs are being done.

Ron Nickel Roofing are your local leading metal roofing suppliers and service roof repairs in Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast. We can assist with any kind of roofing problem, giving you the quick, no-fuss repair job you need at an excellent price.


Metal Roof Repair Tweed

A quick overview of our roofing repair services:

  • New metal sheets installation: We replace damaged roofing and repair problem areas, according to your needs. For example, we will realign and/or replace damaged or dislocated roofing on a needs basis.
  • Roof gutter installation: We install and repair guttering. (If your guttering is older than about 10 years, we recommend having it checked for possible interior leaks or other defects.)
  • Downpipe installation: We replace old downpipes and defective roof plumbing. (Similar to roof guttering, older downpipes can cause internal leaks and should be checked for possible problems.)

Please note: We do not conduct roofing restoration work or spray painting.

Storm Damage and Roof Repair

At Ron Nickel Roofing we know just how difficult it can be when storm damage affects your property. A leak in your roof is not just inconvenient, it can expose your electrical wires and house timbers to further damage so needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Need a roof repair quickly?

Quick roof repairs are our expertise, and we have been helping out Tweed Heads residents since 1964. A storm-damaged roof can be a major safety concern for you and your family. That’s why our Tweed Heads storm damage and roof repair experts can be contacted anytime to arrange a convenient fix.

Stormy sky over house roof - Roof Maintenance in storm season - Ron Nickel Roofing Tweed Heads

Expert roof repairs

If you have a damaged roof, it is essential that you get a professional to come and fix it. Fixing a metal roof requires expertise and the correct safety equipment and it can be a dangerous job if not done correctly. At Ron Nickel Roofing we only use the highest quality materials, and we have a wealth of technical knowledge. Our storm damage and roof repair experts will safely seal your property from the elements, reducing the risk of it happening again. All of our team are fully insured and qualified and we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence. We have been completing roof repairs for over fifty years on the Gold Coast, so you know you can trust us to complete your job to the highest standard.

A wealth of roof repair services

No matter what storm damage has affected your roof, we’ve got the tools and expertise to successfully repair it. We offer a range of services including roof gutter installation, fascia installation, downpipe installation and new metal sheet installation in Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast. Hail damage can be another issue for metal roofs, but thankfully we can replace any damaged panels with no fuss. All of our roof repairs are quick, convenient and will cause as little disruption as possible. No matter how big or small your roof repair, our qualified roofers can provide the ideal solution for you.

Call Us Anytime for Roof Repairs

Don’t wait for your roof to take any more damage, call us today about your storm damage and roof repairs in Tweed Heads or Gold Coast. We’re right here when you need us. Call us on 07 5524 8240 or contact us using our online contact form. If you want to talk to somebody right now, chat with us online!

Roof Repair FAQS

How much do roof repairs cost?

The cost of a roof repair will vary greatly depending on the damage, but metal roofs are much easier and cheaper to repair than other roofing types. We can provide you with a quote for your specific job if you get in touch.

Can you check my roof is okay after a storm?

Yes, our roof repair experts can carry out an inspection of your roof and replace any damaged metal panels that may have been affected.

What if my roof looks fine after a heavy storm?

Even if your roof might look fine, if there has been any damage it can affect both the interior of your property and cause cracks and leaks in other areas of the roof. It is always worth getting an expert to check if you think there may have been storm damage.
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