Extreme thunderstorms, monsoonal rain, cyclones, flash floods, king tides and swollen rivers have caused costly damage to properties throughout Queensland. Damage to the household roof is a common reason for emergency callouts during storms, with heavy rainfall, forceful winds, falling trees and flying debris easily causing damage. This is easily made worse when the roof was already in need of repair. Prepare your home and secure your family’s safety by inspecting your roof.


Top Roofing Tips

Maintain Your Yard and Balcony

Ferocious Queensland storms cause damage to roofing not just from hail. Trees topple; power lines are brought down and debris is blown around; damaging your roof in the blink of an eye. Secure or store items that could blow around in strong winds. From kids play equipment to dog toys and even some plants, anything in the yard that could easily be picked up by winds is a hazard. Avoid further damage to your property by limiting the amount of debris.

Clean Your Gutters

It’s essential to clean your gutters properly. That includes inspecting and clearing downpipes and drains to prevent blockages. Without regularly cleaning, the drain can’t cope with sudden and heavy rainfall, resulting in frustrating, dangerous and costly flooding. Clear all debris off the roof first so rain doesn’t wash it into your clean gutters. Scoop out leaves and twigs from the guttering and flush out the downpipes to check for blockages. Alternatively, just hire a professional with all the right tools to do it for you!

Choose Metal Roof Replacement

Roofing asphalt, wood shingles, concrete tiles, and slate are all robust when new. But over time, they weaken and leave the roof vulnerable, allowing water to enter the roof cavity and cause problems to the roof and building structure. This makes them highly vulnerable, particularly during storm season. No material can 100% protect your home from a storm, however metal roofing is one of the sturdiest materials available. If your roof needs repair or has been previously damaged in a storm, its time to consider a metal roof replacement for a more secure roof over your head.

Regular Professional Roof Inspection

Every 12 months or after each major storm, check your roof for signs of damage, so you can replace any broken tiles, or damaged roof sheeting and remove any buildup of dirt. It’s also important to check inside your roof, as you may find that the waterproof insulation membrane is damaged. If fixing your roof doesn’t seem safe, call a Gold Coast roofing contractor to help. Ideally, you should have your roof inspected by a roofing expert at least every 5-7 years.

Expert Roof Repairs Gold Coast

Mother Nature is notoriously unpredictable, and even after careful storm preparation your roof may still suffer damage. If you need commercial or residential roof repairs for storm damage or a metal roof replacement in preparation for storm season, call the experts at Ron Nickel Roofing. If you’re in the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers and Tweed Coast region, contact us or give us a call today on 07 5688 7681 for an obligation-free quote.

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